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Everything you ever wanted to know about Tabata Boot Camp


Tabata Boot Camp is a sustainable fitness and eating program that truly changes people’s lives! Based on the most current HIIT (High Interval Intensity Training) research, timing protocol and on cutting edge nutritional information, you will discover how this unique program can deliver amazing results and lasting success! (No more yo-yo dieting, counting points or insane workouts that you hate!) Through body assessment, metabolic profiling, web interaction, eating strategies, and “workouts that matter” this is finally a program that makes total sense! Through my Tabata Bootcamp you will be given the tools to make real changes in your lifestyle, eating habits and exercise program. You will discover the secrets of how making small changes can deliver big results toward shedding pounds and improving your health! Tabata Bootcamp is not about spending countless hours working out. Our mantra is “more is not better, better is better!” As a part of your journey, you  will wake up to a web 6 Minute Tabata Bootcamp based workout that is designed to jumpstart your metabolism and set the tone for your day ahead! Current research shows that short bouts of exercise does indeed add up to improving fitness and reducing body weight, and that’s the BEST news ever, right? When you come to camp, our workouts together will focus on strength training and HIIT because combing the two has proven to be more effective at reducing body fat than longer duration steady state aerobic exercise like running on a treadmill. Researchers believe one reason for this is due to the “after burn” effect (EPOC – exercise post oxygen consumption), in that your body continues to burn additional calories and metabolize more fat long after the workout is over. Keep in mind that as your boot camp trainer, I will be offering lots of modifications so the workouts are truly designed for ALL fitness levels! (And we incorporate the Bender Balls, Glider Discs and Ropeless Jump Ropes.) In addition to the daily 6 minute web-based workouts and your three camp sessions each week, I do recommend building in one day of “steady state” cardio – this is an optional 60 minute workout and can include taking a Zumba class, riding a bike, going for a long walk or maybe even a jog. The key here is to workout for an hour, doing an activity that you enjoy and something that enables you to work up a sweat and get the heart pumping.


Depending on whom you ask, most researchers will admit that what and how much you eat is approximately 80% of the weight loss equation. So the nutrition component of this Boot Camp is very important! What you consume as your body’s fuel is paramount to your weight loss success and energy level. If losing weight is not your goal, eating healthy should be – after all, the food we consume can, in part, create Super Immunity or potentially set us up for major health risks like Heart Disease, Cancer, Diabetes, etc. Our “Take 3 Method” for eating is very simple. Before you have a snack or a meal, you need to stop and ask yourself 3 very important questions, 1.) Am I Hungry? 2.) Is It Smart? And 3.) How Much Do I Need? What you will quickly discover, is that my Tabata Website offers you daily healthy recipes, a Nutrition Library filled with videos that will educate you on everything from reading food labels, to understanding portion sizes, helpful grocery shopping tips, keys to hydration and so much more! There is even an online food log, all you have to do is complete it daily and I will give you feedback on a weekly basis to help motivate, educate and inspire you on your path toward your goals! (Not to mention a new level of accountability!)


In addition to the exercise and nutrition components, another plus to this camp is our weekly “buddy system.” Each camper is assigned a new buddy to check in with – and this is one of the fastest way to build a network of support for yourself. You will be amazed at how many new friends you will make  not to mention all that you will learn from networking with the others! If you love to be on Facebook, don’t forget to check out our page, Carmen James Tabata Boot Camp. I love to post photos of our workouts and it’s FUN to read the posts of those who are currently in camp! There is nothing more inspiring than reading a post from someone who is shedding pounds, losing inches and reaching their personal goals! The women of Tabata are a close-knit group. . .as I like to say, “Tabata Boot Camp is MORE than a workout, MORE than a diet. . .it’s something you need to experience to understand!


For more information, contact me at or call me, 740-819-0695. Most of our Tabata campers are from the Granville and Newark, OH area. Camps are on-going and located at the Fit-ab-u-lous 105 Mill Race Road Granville, OH 43023.)

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